Working with your own Builder

If you already have a Builder to work with, our process is going to be slightly different. Our team is going to be less hands-on, and your Builder is going to dictate a lot of the process. By working with your own Builder, there is no deposit required from us, but you may need to pay the Builder directly. It just comes down to how they run their business. Your Builder also needs to be licensed and pay a license fee. More details here.

We’ve created a list of “A La Carte” Services that we can help you or your Builder perform along the way. You can pay for as much or as little as you need.

1. Plan & Land

  • Feasibility Study for Construction: $1,500 (optional)
  • Everywhere®-Managed Survey: $10,000 (optional)

2. Pre-Build

  • Everywhere®-Managed Site Plan: $5,000 (optional)
  • Everywhere®-Approved Structural Engineering: $5,000 (optional)
  • Everywhere®-Approved MEP Engineering: $2,000 (optional)
  • Detailed Materials List: $3,000 (optional)

3. Build

  • No A La Carte items for purchase.

4. Post-Build

  • No A La Carte items for purchase.