December 5, 2017

Wander in the West: The reason we are here.

Someday we will find a way to tell the Wander in the West story in a much more meaningful and beautiful way.

Wander in the West is how we kicked off this little company named Everywhere in May of 2017. After much planning and purchasing a 30 foot travel trailer, we set out as a family, across the Western US to adventure into the unknown. This adventure would take us 20,000 miles and into new magical lands we had never known existed.

It taught us many things and it helped us realize what we wanted to be as a company.

The original vision was to create a clothing company that sold merchandise based on all the places we traveled. But due to the huge interest in the travel trailer among many of the people we met along the way, we decided to start building tiny homes on wheels as way to try and bring other people the same joy we experienced along this impactful journey.

The rest is history! More Wander in the West stories at a later time. Promise!