Unmanaged Builder Application

Thanks for your interest in wanting to build one of our homes. The application below must be completed before being able to start the construction process with your Client. If approved, we’ll provide an agreement to sign. Upon your completion of the agreement, our team will provide you with Revit & CAD files for the purpose of civil & structuring engineering requirements for permitting. We can also provide helpful drawings from previous builds that will be helpful to you and your team. You’ll also receive a single-use build license.

In addition, for Unmanaged Builder Partnerships we charge 30% of the General Contractor’s fee on the total project cost. So for example if the total cost for the project is $500,000 and your fee to the client is 15% or $75,000, we would receive 30% of that $75,000 which would be $22,500. This fee can be split up on a minimum of 3 draws over a 3 month period. When you’re paid for a draw, you’d pay us.

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