Unmanaged Build

If you have your own Builder lined up, that’s great! We’ll hand off the keys by giving your Builder access to Revit/CAD files so they can work with you directly to manage their own specific process on their own terms and conditions.

Since you’re curious about an Unmanaged Build and want to use your own Builder, we will lay out how it all works below. Again, please create your account first, as some of this may not make sense, until you have done so. 

1- Start by purchasing the Starter Plans

Once you’re logged in, you can either order the Starter Plans on the ‘My Home’ page by clicking the purchase button there or by going to the ‘Checklist’ page and purchasing from the first checklist item where it says ‘Purchase Starter Plans’. 

The Starter Plans include the following: 

  • Floor Plans with Dimensions
  • Elevations
  • Sections
  • Basic MEP Plan
  • Suggested materials to match renders
  • Managed Builder Signup link
  • Unmanaged Builder Signup link
  • Getting Started Guide
  • Single-use License


Can I build my home with just the Starter Plans?

No. The Starter Plans are essentially a set of schematic plans that give you a better idea of the footprint and all the room dimensions and roof height. These things are incredibly important, especially when it comes to determining if you can build your home. 

It’s important to first and foremost check with your HOA and your local municipality to find out what the restrictions are for building a new home on your lot. These include some of the following but not limited to:

  • Max roof height
  • Roof pitch
  • Ensuring the home fits with setback rules
  • Square footage requirements


Utilizing your plans for Customizations

Once you know you can build your home on your lot, Starter Plans are great because they allow you see what you need to customize. More often than not, our Customers are uploading their Starter Plans with markups and annotations that show exactly how they want to customize their plans.

It makes it extremely helpful to our Drafting team to implement the requested changes with a high probability of success. Here’s a helpful video for marking up a PDF: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_3N1foNosg


2- Customize your plans

When you’re ready to Customize your plans, please do the following:

  • Login to your Everywhere account here.
  • Click the ‘Checklist’ page
  • Click the Checklist item entitled ‘Customize Floor Plans’
  • Submit your requested Customizations

Once you’ve submitted your Customizations Request, a member of our team will reach out to you as quickly as possible, with a quote for your request. Pricing for Customizations is listed within our Dashboard software, so just login to your account to see it. 


3- Have your Builder sign up

Before you can move beyond Customizations, we need to have your Builder sign up. The sign up link for your Builder will be contained with the Starter Plans PDF. There you will find a QR code that you can scan with your phone which will link to an application form. 

Please share this link with your Builder so they can submit their information to us and agree to our terms. Once we’ve been able to quickly vet your Builder, we will send an email back that either approves or rejects their application. Once approved, we will send your Builder the Revit/CAD files for your home so they can begin working with you to get a permit. Some of the things they may work with you on during the pre-construction phase may include things like site planning and structural engineering. 

4- Work directly with your Builder

The purpose of you selecting the Unmanaged build is to work with a Builder you already have in mind. Maybe this is a friend or family member. Once the Builder has been approved and received their approval email and files from us, you will then be working directly with the Builder from there on out. 


5- Using our software

You are more than welcome to use our software if you are doing an Unmanaged build but we will be charging $99/month for Unmanaged users. If you decide to change your mind and go back to a Managed Build, we will cancel your $99/month subscription and you can return to using the software for free.