The Haven is a 38′ foot, gooseneck tiny home on wheels. It’s over 450 square feet with the upper loft and is the largest model we make. Our goal when creating the Haven was to create a transportable space that could actually feel just like a home.

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The Drift is a 32′ foot, bumper-pull tiny home on wheels. It’s roughly 350 square feet with an upper loft and is the medium sized model we offer. The Drift is the perfect living space that combines the balance of a small home and the ability to move it anywhere.

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The Wander is a 26′ foot, bumper-pull tiny home on wheels. It’s just over 220 square feet and is our smallest home. Our goal with the Wander was to create a home on wheels that you feel like you could take wherever you want, whenever you want!

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More about our Tiny Homes

Everywhere® Tiny Homes are handcrafted in the United States of America in a facility located about 30 minutes south of Salt Lake City, in beautiful Lehi, Utah! Arguably the most important part of a tiny home is the trailer it’s built on, and we pride ourselves on building the most solid trailers on the market. Our steel Tiny Home Trailers are fabricated right here in Utah near our shop where they are framed and finished and then delivered to the customer.

We have 3 different tiny home models to choose from; The Haven, The Drift, or The Wander. Each of our Tiny Homes utilize one of our six different finish options that give you the perfect style to compliment the environment around where you will ultimately keep your tiny home. We’ve worked incredibly hard on putting a lot of work into the design, layout and styling details of our tiny homes and it’s why we’ve created so much interest in such a short period of time.

The future for Tiny Homes is looking bright as more and more cities and counties are opening up rules and regulations that have been in place, that will now allow for full-time, legal living, in a tiny home on wheels! This is exciting information and it motivates us to be part of the massive shift happening in alternative living and as housing continues to reinvent itself right before our eyes!

If you have specific questions or comments regarding our tiny homes, feel free to email us and we will follow up with you as soon as possible. Thanks again for your interest in Everywhere® Tiny Homes!