The year is 1977 and Fred & Jean Winnie just completed their cabin in the pines beneath the Teton mountain range. Their spirit of adventure led them to this special place. Fred was a rocket engineer, WWII Army vet and fly fishing aficionado. Jean was a small-town farm hippie that could catch huge backwoods trout and make you an incredible home-cooked meal with the snap of a finger.

Decades of sporadic trips to Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks mixed with summer creekside cabin vibes led Everywhere founder, Brand Winnie, to creating a company around exploring new places and building on the legacy that his grandparents left him.

After purchasing a 30ft travel trailer in 2017, gutting and refinishing it, Brand, his wife, 3 kids and golden doodle pup set out on an adventure across the American West to form the foundation of the Everywhere brand. Originally meant to create merchandise collections related to the places they traveled to, they quickly fell in love with life on the road and tiny living.

After documenting the journey via social media, word caught on and Everywhere was starting to make a name for itself. The traveling crew started to form meetups and join events to make new friends and spread the tiny living vibe to curious people. Soon conversations started happening around purchasing the trailer, dubbed “The Winnhaven” or building custom ones for nomadic souls. Rather than buying and selling used trailers, Brand decided to design a tiny home on wheels from scratch and named it the Haven after the original trailer.

Brand’s youthful experience and excitement around home design and learning AutoCAD came rushing back all at once. The desire to go into drafting and architecture was inspired through the many experiences Brand had watching Grandpa Winnie at the drafting table in his basement. The initial tiny home design then led to designing a cabin on a standard foundation (instead of wheels) to step into the footsteps of Fred & Jean’s cabin building legacy.

After browsing through plenty of extremely popular A-frame photos on social media, Brand noticed something was a bit strange with all of these images. He noticed that none of these A-frames were modern. After doing some research, he realized that for some reason A-frame construction essentially haulted in the 1970s for no real good reason. With the overwhelming presence and love for this special aesthetic, it presented a huge opportunity to create something new from scratch.

The first interior rendering of the Ayfraym gained nearly 25,000 likes in a 48 hour period and the rest is history. Today, Everywhere is working hard to reinvent the archaic processes around new home construction. Taking the user experience online and simplifying the experience for as many people as possible. We are on a mission to create simple, minimal and purposeful homes and living experiences that benefit humanity for many decades to come.

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The legacy that Fred & Jean left, along with the spirit of adventure in Teton Valley will never be forgotten by the Everywhere family. We will continue to be inspired by the stories and experiences they shared with us.