*NOTE* You should not move forward with Site Planning and Engineering if you don’t have land or if you have not yet performed a Site Analysis or confirmed that your floor plan is the exact way you want it. If you still need to tweak the design, please purchase the Customizations Package before moving forward. 

You have land and your plans are finalized.

Site Planning & Engineering is a step of the process you should not avoid. It’s crucial to the success of your build. It will determine how your home gets built on your land, and all of the materials involved. These are necessary documents for the Builder to determine accurate costs and all the fine details regarding how to perform the construction. Also, most if not all municipalities will not give you a permit without a Site Plan and Structural Engineering documents.


  • All CAD files for Architectural Drawings 
  • Site Plan Drawings 
  • Structural Engineering Drawings, Stamped by Licensed Engineer
  • Load Calculations 
  • MEP Drawings

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