Reservation System Details

We are in the process of developing a reservation system in response to the increasing demand for our homes. As a small team with limited bandwidth available throughout the year to engage with clients, implementing a reservation system serves as the initial step in guaranteeing that we align with the expectations of committed buyers while efficiently managing inquiries from those with longer-term plans.

Our reservation system is bare bones currently, but will become more sophisticated over time as we integrate it into our core software.

You should plan on roughly 12-18 months start to finish for a completed ‘Site Built’ home.

The first step is feasibility

After your initial deposit is submitted, we will commence collaboration with you to conduct a thorough feasibility analysis for your project. This process will not only confirm the feasibility of constructing your home on your specific parcel but also provide you with a comprehensive understanding of all the intricacies and potential expenses associated with earthwork and foundation preparations.


Once the feasibility analysis has concluded, we dive into the design, engineering, materials finalizations, builder connection, permitting and then construction.

Please remember, this is for a ‘Site Built’ home and not for a smaller home or ADU that would be built in a factory. To learn more about our process, visit the following link: