Reservation FAQ

How does this work?

As soon as you make your reservation deposit, you will be added to the build lineup and will receive a position in line and an estimated build schedule via email. When we reach your number, we will require a minimum of 40% down for the overall price of the tiny home to start the build. The 40% down payment will be due within 7 days after we have notified you that we’ve reached your position in line. If you don’t have the ability to pay the 40% down payment at the time, we can delay your build up to 90 days.


What does the payment schedule look like?

40% to start construction. 40% once the shell is complete (raw exterior & roof). And 20% on completion.


What’s my priority, compared to others?

You will always have priority over others you are ahead of in line, within the ‘Build Lineup’. The only time you will not have priority is if you cannot make the 40% down payment towards your new tiny home within the 7 day window after we’ve notified you that we’ve reached your number in line.


How are refunds handled?

After we have notified you that we’ve reached your position in line, we will give you 7 days to pay the 40% down payment. If you cannot make the payment during those 7 days, you will get another 90 days beyond. If you cannot make the payment beyond the 90 days, no refund will be given. If you want a refund on your deposit, it may take up to 3 weeks to process.


How long will it take to build my tiny home? 

Once we receive the 40% down payment on your tiny home, we will start by custom building the trailer that your home will be built on top of. The construction of the trailer can take up to 4 weeks. Once the trailer is complete, you can expect the remaining time to complete the home to be around 6-10 weeks. So in total you’re at roughly 10-14 weeks to complete, once we receive the initial 40% down payment to begin construction.