Hello. If you’re reading this, an Everywhere team member has most likely reached out to you regarding your property/land that you are offering for a 90-day period to assist us with this initiative.┬áThank you for being willing to help us out. We are on a mission to help our customers experience the many amazing places the United States has to offer. Our customers are outdoor loving adventurists with an eye for great design and well built products combined with unique experiences. They are great people with jobs and a passion for travel and exploration.



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First steps…

Since this program is still very new for us, we’re still learning best practices for how to run it. We’d like to partner with you and one of our customers that has purchased a tiny home, to see if allowing them to stay on your property for 90 days would be a good fit for a long-term partnership where we do this 3-4 times per year.


Long-term vision

We’d like to create a win/win scenario with you where we give people the opportunity to stay in one of our tiny homes on your land for 90 days at a time. Ideally we would have a few people per year under those terms. We’d list your property on our website, and allow customers to select it in order to stay there. We’d then give you a heads up and allow you to approve or reject the request. If approved, the customer would be notified and we would transport their tiny home to your property.


What would you get out of this?

For private, rural lands we can offer between $750-$1,500 per 90 day stay. For property closer to major cities we can pay out a higher payment. You would be paid up front for the 90 days in advance.


Next steps to move forward…

In order to move forward, we’d love to add your property to our website, so that we can start showing customers what we have available. If you could use the form below to add your information and links to high resolution photos (or upload them yourself) that would be great! Once we add it to the site, we will follow up with you to move forward with next steps!


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