License the Plans

If you’re a Builder yourself, or you’re planning to line up your own team to complete the build and you’d like to source everything, read more below…

***BEFORE PURCHASING A LICENSE – We highly recommend purchasing a set of Starter Plans first for $395*** Why? Because it will give you a sense of all the dimensions of each room and the footprint of the home. If you need to make modifications to the floor plan, it’s best to do that as quickly as possible into the process as opposed to trying to change things after you have a set of structurally engineered plans. The Starter Plans are also useful for finding the right piece of property to build on or communicating with your HOA about if your home design can get approved within the community. To get started with a set of Starter Plans, please¬†click here.¬†

What’s Included with the Single-use License?

Our design/build license includes the following:

  1. Pre-engineered PDF Plans
  2. Roof & Floor Framing Plans*
  3. Footing & Foundation Plan*
  4. Shear Wall Plan*
  5. Structural Details*
  6. Structural Engineering Calculations (Snow, Wind, Seismic, etc.)*
  7. CAD Plans*

*Pricing for our single-use license is based on flat grades. If advanced footing/foundation and structural work is needed due to the steep slope of your lot, extra engineering may be required and additional fees may apply.

Obtain your Single-use License for $6,995 below.

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