Everywhere® launches Blueprint ID website as a way to license, protect and scale the production of it’s architectural designs.

LEHI, UT — Everywhere, Inc., has just launched the Blueprint ID website at https://getblueprintid.com, to reveal it’s beta technology for stamping blueprints with a digital serial number. Blueprint ID will be a new company that will initially run in parallel with Everywhere®, but will become more independent as it grows over time. 

After launching their popular a-frame cabin design, the Ayfraym, in the summer of 2019, Everywhere® has had nearly 1,000 people lined up to build the structure. This has presented a lot of unforeseen challenges for the young company. As an answer for some of these challenges, Everywhere® has created a unique way to track the life cycle of the build process through the Blueprint ID. 

“We no longer think of ourselves as a typical home builder anymore. We truly have global awareness and interest now for our products and brand and so we have to think differently about how to go about making our Customers happy, not just in the United States, but overseas in diverse places as well. With Blueprint ID, it allows us to create one design for a structure and then scale it and track the production life cycle through various datapoint within database. It’s a unique system that could only be developed with the type of problem that we were facing as a company at Everywhere®,” said Founder, Brand Winnie.



Everywhere® says that Blueprint ID will be amazing for Architects all over the world that are only thinking of their workflow on a client-by-client basis. By thinking outside of the box, they could be designing a plan once and then licensing those plans to be built at scale. By utilizing Blueprint ID to digitally stamp and license out each of their plans, they will now have the means to do that. 

The hope is that Architects will start to think more about the distribution of their designs. Similar to how an author writes a book once, and they can now scale the distribution of that single book to many booksellers across the globe. Architects should be thinking along these same lines, according to Everywhere®. 

With the new addition of Blueprint ID technology to its organizational framework, Everywhere® hopes to build a platform for Architects to utilize their existing small footprint and unique transportable structures that can be delivered and built worldwide and effect a real housing change in places that need it. 

For now, you can join the waitlist at getblueprintid.com by entering your email. But the new Blueprint ID team hopes to have a basic web app up and running soon in early 2020 so Architects, General Contractors and Construction Companies can utilize the system to license, stamp and track their designs. 


About Everywhere, Inc.

Everywhere is a modern home building company that started in 2017 by renovating a 30 foot travel trailer and traveling across the Western United States. This trip inspired the creation of tiny homes on wheels and the passion for creating new living spaces has led to cabins and soon to be other small footprint and transportable housing. Everywhere’s mission is to advance the world’s transition from city living into rural environments, closer to nature. 


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