Ayfraym™ Builder License Terms

If you’re considering becoming a partner and licensing the Ayfraym™ trademark, design and construction plans for the purpose of building the Ayfraym™ in your area, you’ll want to know the general terms contained within the single-use Builder License Agreement. Please review the highlighted terms below:

Length of License: 12 months
Yearly Processing fee: $25
Fee: $30,000. Can be paid in full or in 3 equal installments of $10,000 on each draw of the construction loan.
Purpose: To build the Ayfraym™ for clients in your area. To act on behalf of the client as a Licensed Ayfraym™ Builder
License grant: Non-exclusive, non-transferable
Your obligation: under the license you may only build the Ayfraym™ for clients that have signed the Ayfraym™ Client License Agreement.
You cannot sell, distribute, license, sub-license, let, trade, or expose for sale, the Ayfraym™ assets and intellectual property of Everywhere, Inc. to a third-party